The Serve Center, located at WorkSource Everett, is a place for veterans to go first. In Snohomish County and nationally there is a wide array of services available to veterans provided by a significant number of caring and concerned organizations. They are all meaningful and well-intentioned but it is sometimes difficult to know where to go first when faced with a challenge that requires assistance. We strive to resolve one of the initial barriers veterans and their families sometimes face in seeking assistance by co-locating, in a place to start, some of the critical services already offered by those same caring and concerned organizations.

As a qualifying veteran or spouse of a veteran the Snohomish County Veterans Team may help you with:

WorkSource Priority of Service of Veterans

Jobs for Veterans Act Definition of a veteran or eligible spouse Veterans and eligible spouses receive priority in these and other programs: If you are a Vet, or the spouse of a Vet, then we'd like to say:
“Thank you for Serving Our Country”